Only 3.42 % of the HELLCATS in the world have a car with the same color and interior. This one is the “one and only” convertible.



As told by John Iverson

On September 9th 2014 @ 9:04 AM this 2015 Hellcat was ordered through Dealer Connect the vehicle ordering system at Chrysler. This was the first day that orders appeared for order in the system and this vehicle was ordered for the Mitchell location and a green 6 speed was ordered for the Huron location.

Time passed and the car was not getting picked up by the system for build. I had spoken many times in frustration to our district manager Jessica Hernandez and at the zone level Bill Potter, Sales coordinator for the Denver business center. Still this vehicle had not been given a build status. Iverson’s had not received an allocation and the vehicle order just laid there.

Many month’s prior I had heard that the “hellcat” was getting built from Lynn Balek, friend and Race Hemi engine builder who was in frequent correspondence with Ray Barton, whose business is building race motors for drag and NASCAR applications. He also frequently works with Chrysler on projects, prototype HP engines and builds engines on HP production cars like viper, Hellcat etc.

pictured Austen Iverson, Ralph Gilles, John Iverson

I shared this information with the business center and at that time was promised by Mr. Potter and Jeff Heinz, Denver business centers general manager that he was the first on the list to get one. No surprise…. when it was built and became the talk of the automotive community around the world this list disappeared.

Burt appeal was made at a “grass roots” meeting (so called by FCA) where dealers from the vicinity gather to listen to the suits pat themselves on the back. I was told that without a letter describing WHY FCA should consider this vehicle for build, it would not receive consideration.

To fellow lifelong Chrysler loyalists:

I have been asked in my pursuit of a Hellcat to give a brief synopsis of benefits derived not only by myself but by the corporation by allowing an allocation of a Hellcat for John Iverson / Iverson Chrysler Center. My challenge is being brief.


• I built my first race car in 1973 at 13 years old. A 1971 Plymouth Duster raced in modified production class as a Super Modified “A” (A-SM) class. The car was named “Mean Mary Jean”, as a tribute to Mary Jean Strangus, A well-endowed young lady doing commercials for Plymouth Dusters in the 70’s.
• I have raced cars throughout the years and still currently hold an NHRA license
• I am involved with SCCA (sports car club of America) rally racing.
• I currently personally restore, own and race 60s – early 70’s muscle cars after dealership duties.
(71 Cuda, 71 Cuda convertible, 69 Barracuda formula S fastback, 67 Dodge Charger, 67 Dart GT, 1969 CUDA 440, a 1970 AAR Cuda and a 1965 A990 Superstock Hemi Belvedere 1) Shown at and awarded best in “HEMI class” at Mopars in the Park Car show in the twin Cities (Farmington MN), a national event.
• Asked to tour (Hellcat) with Midwest class racers, knocking off mustangs at various drag strips throughout the Midwest.
• I own two (2) Chrysler stores one in Mitchell S.D. one in Huron S.D.
• Sponsor of numerous events at drag strips, SCCA and the wissota modified series through the dealerships, typically featuring Ram commercial.
• You will not ever see it for sale on e-bay!
• It will never be wholesaled to another dealer with the stipulation “take 10 – 2015 200’s and get a hellcat at invoice”! I’ll likely adopt this car into my family of Mopars.

I could expound or continue but I trust my point comes clear.
This Hellcat may be the Hellcat that touches more people, draws more attention, is the “star” at more events than any other Hellcat FCA produces.
This is a promotional vehicle.
There will be literally hundreds of butts in the seat of this car and as you know, racing’s not for the timid pocket book. These guys have got dough. Serious dough! Moreover, they buy tow vehicles for their race / show car(s) and Jeeps for mom, cool cars for the kids and so on and so on.

Face it. Neither you nor I will sell enough Hellcats to rub shoulders with Warren Buffet. But I /we may sell enough other products BECAUSE OF Hellcat to float by his Island!

Please consider VON 32234892


John Iverson
Iverson Chrysler Ctr.
Mitchell and Huron
600 South Burr
Mitchell, S.D. 57301

Order number 32234892 was finally scheduled to be one of only 188 with this paint and interior out of the 5487 produced in 2015. The HELLCAT was framed on 4/21/2015, in paint 04/22, in trim 04/23, and shipped to the dealership on 04/23/2015.

As a avid collector and love for rare Mopars, I wanted to extend my collection with another one of a kind, first edition Mopar. As I was conducting business in our showroom where my 71 Barracuda Convertible sits on display, a thought crossed my mind to take the Hellcat one-step further. Even though the Hellcat was a one of a kind based on the first model year and on the options ordered, I wanted to make it more desirable. The idea of a convertible Hellcat was born.

I contacted some suits at Chrysler to arrange a meeting with the man behind the design of the the Hellcat, Mr. Ralph Gilles. My son Austen and I met him at a National Auto Dealer Association 20 Group meeting where we presented our idea. We obtained is signature approval for the first conversion to be created. After extensive research, I chose to contact Larry at Drop Top Customs to have my vision become a reality. His passion, knowledge, and experience with Mopars quickly became evident so I knew he was the right man for the project. The first convertible Hellcat was born.





We’ve retained every piece of documentation from start to finish on the 2015 Convertible Dodge Hellcat including stickers, build sheets and factory checklists.


  • Factory Checklist

  • Vehicle Shipping Order
  • Build Sheet
  • License Plates
  • Plastic Floor Mat Covers

  • Plastic Seat Covers
  • Factory Window Sticker
  • Steering Wheel Cover
  • Engine Cover

  • Dodge Welcome Packet
  • Bar Code w/ Special Iverson Detail Cloth

For a complete documentation list or for more information on the 2015 Convertible Dodge Hellcat please contact Iverson Customs.



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The majority of the miles that are currently registered on the HELLCAT CVT. Were placed on it as demonstration. Our salespeople, and technicians all got a chance to drive it, but we were not letting customers drive. There were simply too many. Some miles were logged in and out of enclosed trailers on the way to various events. It was the feature car at “Mopars in the park” a regional Mopar classics show in the twin cities. At State fairs and car shows in various places, this car was the unmistakable and resounding vehicle of choice as just the starting of the engine would draw crowds. It was used at fundraisers to draw people to the booths where they would be solicited by the various nonprofits looking for contributions.

One event was a poker run held by a financial institution for cancer research. The winner at the volunteer level had the opportunity to drive the HELLCAT from Mitchell S.D. to Huron S.D (supervised of course) approximately 50 miles. This HELLCAT led the charge (or more accurately followed in a featherlite trailer) to summer long fund raising events for 4-H of approximately 100,000! So, HELLCATS can be kind, also!

 But not to ZR1 Camaros.

At a dealership sponsored event at Thunder Valley Dragway the HELLCAT took an immediate lead and pulled away from the MODIFIED ZR1 Camaro at mid track running an impressive 11.50 119 MPH. Plus, due to the low miles the racing electronics had not even come on in the car yet! They won’t budge until the car has 500 miles!

You will be proud every day you own this car as I have been. It will awe crowds no matter where you go. You own the fastest production vehicle ever produced by a car company on the planet. Wear it well.

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